Patti Akesson
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Patti Akesson: In my paintings and sculptures I strive to blend together and portray what I once expressed in dance. My canvases come from an unseen source in my mind. It’s almost more of a feeling I get than a specific image that I see. For me, the creative process consists of feeling and emotion, and not just a reliance on what is seen. It consists of textures, colors and forms but it also consists of my mood at the time and my impression of that which I am painting.
I hope my work goes deeper than the obvious shapes that appear. I try to touch upon the energy, movement and sensation that in turn, when viewed can become more personal. I strive to create an experience into a new depth – to rearrange the reality of the figure.


Wax Wall
48" x 36"

Sunset Dancer
Acrylic on canvas
44" x 30"

20" x 40"
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Woman Holding Foot Dancing
21" x 30"