Lynn Bassler
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Ancestral Artifacts Series 
When my studio became the final destination for three generations of my family’s paper memorabilia, I began sorting and organizing my archive.

The process generated a large box of discards. Faced with actually throwing them away, a better solution came to me:

I would use them to create unique handmade paper.

Once the paper was made, I continued to transform it by staining, painting, folding and layering it .

The process of transforming something personal to others into raw material for my art has given me an almost alchemical means of relating to family members, some of whom I never knew.

I am grateful to my forebears for preserving the written and printed evidence of their lives. I think they would be astounded to learn that some of their memorabilia would survive to become both the inspiration and material for my art.



Ancestral Artifact: Locked Away
Handmade paper and monotype inks
25" x 19"

Ancestral Artifact: Frames

Handmade paper and monotype inks
19" x 22"

Ancestral Artifact: Look Inside
Handmade paper and monotype inks
21" x 19"

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