Midge Lynn
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My work incorporates drawings and paintings that explore and question the links between reality, belief and perception.  I am interested in the tenuous connection between them as a result of “human experience.”  
Perception is often distorted experientially.  A simple truth - two or more people can face the same event and interpret/recount it differently. 

The images I create represent moments of daily life. Choosing them is an inquisitive journey, more intuitive than intellectual. They originate from actual dreams or photographs I’ve taken and are “dream-like,” their juxtaposition often random. 

Reoccurring themes in my work include the multiplicity in every context of life, the notion that words and images have numerous meanings and part of understanding is narcissistic and ego-centric in nature. 

I offer a visual language that coalesces with the pure joy of painting and drawing.



Window View
36" x 48"

Side Unseen #5
24" x 36"

String Theory
24" x 36"
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Side Unseen #3
16" x 16"