Dona J.Geib
(1932 - 2013)
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I am an eclipse junky - being touched by the sun after viewing several eclipses. I am working on a series of digital and encaustic pieces that has been embedded in my mind ever since I traveled to Turkey to view that memorable and amazing 22 minute total solar eclipse. My new work is taking me on an unplanned path and it seems to me that the sun and its' variations will forever be entwined in my mind with gold, fire and the eastern cultures.

My work is often done digitally, using photos that I captured during trips to Africa, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, India and Greece and often combined with pure digital painting, encaustic medium and collage. A bit of dichotomy here - using my take on centuries old cultures and then expanding my images with the digital advances of the 21st century.

I am a painter, print maker, photographer and digital artists. When someone asks me what type of art I do, I answer "yes"..


Alchemy - Lead to Gold
Archival pigmented ink on canvas
24" x 30"

Book of Turkish Dreams
Archival pigmented ink on canvas
24" x 30"

Inner Workings
Archival pigmentes ink on rag paper
30" x 24"
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Simultaneous Series I
Archival pigmented ink transfer on to wood panel
12" x 12 "