Norma Jean Squires
(1931 - 2015)
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My current work digresses somewhat from a longtime involvement with macrocosm/microcosm. While it still touches on those themes, it has become more playful, more colorful, more abstract and less formal. Earlier work addressed a sense of amazement at what technology has uncovered for us in the 20th century by way of exploration in space and the discovery of quantum worlds. Recently my perspective has segued into a more celebratory stance reflecting my decade-long involvement with Spanish dance. Flamenco, is a discipline that, curiously enough, shares the same kind of spiraling and swirling as particles and galaxies. In these pieces my perceptions of the rhythms and energies of inner and outer space have been redesigned, a gesture, perhaps offering a glimpse of the multiple interconnections that link us to other dimensions.


acrylic on wood panel
24" x 24"

Acrylic & interference colors on wood panel
20" x 18"

acrylic on wood panel
20" x 20"
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acrylic on wood panel
16" x 16 "